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Fdo2Fdo is a FDO client application for copying FDO Data Sources. It is made of two parts one is a Fdo2Fdo API and another is windows application for GUI. Read more...

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FDO provider for MS SQL Server

King.MsSqlSpatial is Open Source FDO provider for MS SQL Server .

With King.MsSqlSpatial you can query, insert, delete and  update spatial geometry in SQL Server.
It works also with Express edition of SQL Server.

King.MsSqlSpatial can be used with MapGuide Open Source, MapGuide Enterprise, Autodesk MAP and Fdo2Fdo.

With Fdo2Fdo you can copy your data from SHP, SDF and any other FDO Data Store to  SQL Server.

King.MsSqlSpatial is working with SQL Server with MsSqlSpatial Spatial Extension for SQL Server
MsSqlSpatial is very nice Open Source project for Spatial enabling SQL Server database.

King.MsSqlSpatial is Open Source project on under ..... ( to get it )
You can download it here: download...

Flash Movie: Using Open Source King.MsSqlSpatial provider with MapGuide, Autodesk MAP and Fdo2Fdo
In the movie you can see how to:

  • Install and Setup SQL Server and Spatial extension
  • Setup ODBC and King.MsSqlSpatial provider
  • Copy SHP file to SQL Server using Fdo2Fdo
  • Use King.MsSqlSpatial to query and edit data with MapGuide and Autodesk Map

How to Install and Setup MsSqlSpatial and SQL Server

How to use SQL Views with King. MsSqlSpatial

Version 0.1.3 features:

  • Use of SQL Views
  • Support for KingFdoClass
  • Support for MapGuide 1.2 ( FDO 3.2.2 )

Version 0.1.2 features:

  • Increased buffer for reading geometries; Now it is fixed size - this will be changed
  • Using "[" "]" to enclose schema and table names in queries.

Version 0.1.1 features:

  • Spatial Query
  • Insert, Update, Delete
  • Apply FDO Schema
  • Execute SQL command


Near future TODO:

  • Support Bulk Insert - inserting now is slow
  • Couple of stability issue to solve
  • Test Spatial Filter's


Testing Platform and versions:

  • MG OS 1.1, MG Ent SP1, Autodesk MAP 2007, Fdo2Fdo 0.7.2
  • FDO 3.2,
  • FDO 3.1
  • Windows XP


If you are interested in provider ( testing, comments, development,..) please send email.

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