Perfect tool for designing all types of utility networks.

Effective design of networks and complete systems

Effortless design of various types of utility networks - storm and waste water pipelines, drinking water lines, gas and district heating lines, electric and telecommunication subterrain networks.

Quick and easy ways to optimum solutions

Sewer+ offers an easy to use array of linked functionalities that give designers the means to come to the best solutions of the designed utility networks as fast as possible.

Sewer+ users

"With Sewer+ I believe that I can be much swifter while designing than with some similar tools out there. Sewer+ is easy to use, but it still gives me all the needed operations that I need to do while designing networks - alignments, profiles, pipeline crossings, hydraulics.... All at hand and right when I need it."
- Roman Gosenca, HIDROSVET d.o.o.
"Our networks are usually measured in tens of kilometers of pipelines. With Sewer+, I am assured that I have a reliable tool at hand and that is exeedingly important when it comes to the scale of the projects that we are working on. Additional bonus is the quality of technical support that is provided by the developer."
- Andrej Sedej, Proarc d.o.o., Nova Gorica
"I like that I don't have to worry about the accuracy of the displayed profiles, that also show crossings with other pipelines. This is something that Sewer+ does by default and with style. The absolute overview that I have over the project in Sewer+ is superb and I cannot really imagine working with any other program anymore. "
- Katarina Blatnik, Alpeng d.o.o.

All types of utility networks

The capability to design various types of networks: storm and waste water pipelines, drinking water lines, gas and district heating lines, electric and telecommunication subterrain networks. Sewer+ allows you to combine all of them in one project.

The integral parts of Sewer+ - automatic calculation of pipeline crossings and the automatic display of pipeline crossings in profiles make your project transparent and easy to handle.

Intuitive alignment editing

Pipeline alignment design: with interactive insertion of pipeline nodes, with importing from CAD polylines, or even directly from Excel spreadsheet.

Changes of alignment are possible at any time. Adding, deleting, inserting, changing attributes - all changes are automatically populated trougout the project.

Pipeline profile graphically and numerically

Pipeline profile can be defined with interactive insertion of nodes into profile, editing their elevations, depths and pipeline gradings or also insertion of data from Excel spreadsheet.

Hydraulic dimensioning

Sewer+ allows the designer to use two methods for the hydraulic calculation of storm and waste water systems - retention »TRRL« method and rational method. Export to SWMM is also available.

Hydraulic calculation for drinking water systems is based on EPANET model.

Reports preparation, table export

Besides CAD drawings, the designers have a complete array of reports at their hands - hydraulic calculation results, nodes coordinates, manhole elevations, depths, pipe dimensions and lenghts, cut and fill reports, pipework details part lists. All the reports can be exported to Excel or Word.

Terrain model preparation

Terrain data for the DTM can be collected from 3D CAD elements, CAD blocks with elevation attributes or TXT files. AutoCAD Civil 3D users can also use Civil 3D Surfaces as their terrain model.

Using terrain data: terrain profiles of pipelines can be read as points read from DTM or by terrain points projection on pipeline axis.

Adding terrain points: by manual elevation entry or by interpolation from existing points.

Pipework details

Pipework details can be created for every node in system, in plan view and also in any additional section made for particular detail. Sewer+ includes an elaborate library of pipework elements that can be used particularly for drinking water systems.

Parts list can be created for each particular pipework detail.

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