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Fdo2Fdo is a FDO client application for copying FDO Data Sources. It is made of two parts one is a Fdo2Fdo API and another is windows application for GUI. Read more...

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Steps to Setup MsSqlSpatial


This is a way how I installed and setup MS SQL Server and MsSqlSpatial .

  1. Install SQL Server 2005 Express
    Enable Windows and SQL Authentication
  2. Install SQL Server Management Studio Express
  3. Enable TCP/IP and Named Pipes
    Run 'SQL Server Configuration Manager' from 'Start -> Programs -> SQL Server 2005 '
    Under 'Network Configuration' select 'Protocols' and Right-click and enable TCP/IP and NamedPipes
  4. Using Management Studio Express Create new Database 'FdoUnitTest'
  5. Enable CLR integration
    Using Management Studio Express execute:

    sp_configure 'clr_enable', 1;
  6. Download and extract MsSqlSpatial latest version
  7. Run MsSqlSpatial Command Line Tool, msscmd.exe

    msscmd -deploy -deploy_permission=EXTERNAL_ACCESS -server=localhost\sqlexpress -db=fdounittest -login=sa -password=YourSaPassword

  8. Using Management Studio Express create 'unittest' user
    Create login unittest
    Add user to 'FdounitTest' database
    Add roles dbo.ddladmin,dbo.datawriter,dbo.datareader

  9. Setup ODBC connection 'mssql' to SQL server
    From Control Panel select Administrative Tools
    Select Data Sources (ODBC)
    Choose Tab System DNS and click Add
    Select SQL Native ( or SQl Server )
    Enter Name for DNS 'mssql' in my case and select server  ( e.g. localhost/SQLExpress )
    Enter user credentials and Test Connection


More information about MsSqlSpatial you can get on MsSqlSpatial site

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