Fdo2Fdo - Copy and Manage GIS Data

Fdo2Fdo is free application which uses Open Source FDO library to manage GIS Data.

TIt allows you to copy data from SHP files to SDF, from SHP to Oracle, Oracle to SDF... Basically allows you to copy data form any FDO Data Store to any FDO Data Store.

Fdo2Fdo has three parts:

1. Fdo2FdoApi library
2. F2Fcmd - command line utility
3. Fdo2Fdo GUI

You can read more on presentation http://www.sl-king.com/Fdo2Fdo/ppt/Fdo2Fdo.html

and you can watch a movie http://www.sl-king.com/Fdo2Fdo/movies/fdo2fdo.html

You can get Fdo2Fdo here download...

Copy Task
Schema Manager
Edit Class

Screenshots of Fdo2Fdo Screenshots (from previous version v0.6.1)

Version 0.8.28 :

Main Features v0.7.8 :

  • Build for FDO 3.7 (Win32 and x64)

Main Features v0.7.7 :

Main Features v0.7.6 :

  • Support for King.KML FDO provider
  • Added Express Fdo2Fdo options for King.KML provider

Main Features v0.7.5 :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.7.4 and King.Informix v0.1.6
  • Support for King.Informix FDO provider for IBM Informix Dynamic Server
  • Added Express Fdo2Fdo options for King.Informix provider
  • Build with FDO 3.3.1

Main Features v0.7.4 :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.5 and King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.3
  • SQL Server Toolbox - KingFdoClass
  • Fixed: Reading Copy Task XML with multiple Class Copy definition's was reading just first Class Copy Def
  • Alert user when trying to run Copy Task with empty Class Copy collection

Main Features v0.7.3 :

  • Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.4 and King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.2
  • Extend support for data truncation INT 32 to INT 16 etc..
  • Errror reporting when not able to convert data types

Main Features v0.7.2 :

Main Features v0.7.1 :

  • Express Copy tools
    Easy copy SHP to SDF, SDF to SHP, SHP to Oracle
  • FDO Schema Manager
    Edit, Create and Apply FDO Schema
  • Copy Task
    Create complex copy tasks
  • F2FCmd command line
    Run schema and copy tasks from command line

Main Features v0.6.2 :

  • Display FDO Class Definition details Screenshot
  • Query and display FDO Data Screenshot
  • Support for creating and managing KingFdoClass Screenshot
  • Set Filter for copy Screenshot
  • Fdo2FdoAPI - added support to copy data using filter

Main Features v0.4.1:

  • Build with FDO 3.2
    Comes with SHP, SDF and King.Oracle provider but you can add and use other providers build for FDO 3.2.

Main Features v0.3.1:

  • Copy FDO data source to another FDO data source ScreenShots
    Up to now tested for SHP, SDF and Oracle
  • Copy to Oracle and it creates SDO metadata and spatial index, so you are ready to use it in MG
  • Tools to check on FDO schemas and spatial contexts ScreenShots
  • Query test on features - you can test filter also
  • Oracle helping tools like: ScreenShots
    Create SDO Metadata, Manage Spatial Index, Manage Primary Keys, Calculate Extent
  • Fdo2Fdo Library can be used in command line utilities or in .NET Library API Example

Fdo2Fdo is a FDO client application. It is made of two parts one is a FDO API library for copy FDO features and another is windows application for GUI. It is a self contained application, unzip it and run it. You can also add new providers same way as you would do for MapGuide ( providers.xml ).

Fdo2Fdo ScreenShots

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