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CAD Design Applications.

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CAD Products

Our CAD based solutions have been a project in the making for well over 20 years already now. In this time, they have gone through multiple phases of development, always in accordance with the needs of civil engineers and the vast expansion of the CAD world.

All of our listed applications work on top of all of the best recieved CAD platforms that currently exist - AutoCAD and its verticals, Bricscad and ZWCAD+.

Common for our CAD applications is that they turn user's focus to getting through the design phases quickly, accurately and efficiently. All of the applications are using 3D model from their first versions on. Plans, Profiles, Cross Sections are just different views of the same model, same data and by making changes on any aspect of the design,


Sewer+ is your perfect tool for the design of all kinds of municipal networks and pipelines.

It was built specifically for the needs of civil engineers that focus themselves on the designing of various types of canalization systems - storm and sanitary sewers, drinking water pipelines, gas pipelines, electric pipelines - and is widely recognised as one of the best programs for the described purpose.


VIA is an application for the design of new road projects and road reconstructions and the design of regulated water streams. It was built for civil engineers and with civil engineers. This means that it is targeting the most common process of tasks of the engineers that they go through when designing their projects. They can start with using VIA early on, in the initial phases of the project and just keep on building from there on - all the way to the construction phase of the project.


ProRAIL was developed for the leading Slovenian railway design company Projektivno Podjetje Ljubljana and is based on experience and knowledge of their railway designers. It includes numerous specific tools for the railway design, especially for the reconstruction of the existing railways.


KingTif CAD Add-On is used for the quick loading of raster images into the current DWG drawing. KingTif enables on-demand loading of geo-referenced Tiff image files also for the users that don't have AutoCAD Map 3D capabilities and also enhances the particular functionality of raster loading into the DWG. The on-demand load that turns on only the currently visible parts of the inserted images greatly improves the speed of the loading of the images.

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