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The perfect tool for the design of all kinds of municipal networks and pipelines.

Effective design of large networks

Simple and effective design of various types of municipal networks - sewer, gas pipeline, heating system, cable lines and telecommunication lines.

Quick and easy way to the most rational solutions

Sewer + offers many interconnected functionalities that allow accurate and fast design of the municipal networks.

Some of users are also

All types of municipal networks

Design of different types of networks: sewer, water, gas, heat pipes, cable ducts for electrical and telecommunication lines.

Sewer + allows the combination of different types of networks in a single project. Automatic calculation of intersections and automatic display of pipeline crossings in the profiles are an integral part of the Sewer+.

Intuitive pipeline axis editing

Pipeline axis can be inserted interactively by entering node & manhole positons, from CAD polylines, as well as directly from Excel tables.

Changes are can be done in all phases of the design: adding, deleting, inserting, editing node attributes - any change insered gets automatically updated in all parts of the project.

Numerical and graphical definition of pipeline profile

Pipeline profile can be inserted and edited graphically in profile view or numerically by editing the node/manhole properties.

Pipeline data inserted from Excel table also immediately affects the profile viewa of the inserted pipelines.

Hydraulic design

Sewer+ users have access to two methods of hydraulic calculations for storm and sanitary systems: retention "TRRL" method and rational method. For further analysis, Sewer+ can also export the pipeline network model to the EPA SWMM.

For hydraulic calculation of water supply systems Sewer + uses EPANET model.

Preparing the terrain model

Terrain data can be gathered from the following sources: 3D CAD elements, CAD point blocks with elevation attribute, TXT files or AutoCAD Civil 3D terrain.

Terrain data can be sorted into multiple surfaces that represent either existing ground or the designed ground for the joint landscape/road and canalization projects. For individual pipelines, the user can select two of the surfaces - one for the existing ground and one for the designed ground.

Terrain line modeling for individual pipelines is possible by two methods: by reading the elevations from the surface model at selected station interval or by the projection of the points from the surface onto the axis of the pipeline.

Material takeoffs and other reports

Hydraulic results, node/manhole stationing report, pipe types and lenghts, pipe fittings list, earthwork calculations, etc. All reports and tables can be also exported to Excel and Word.

Pipe fittings

Over 600 pipe fitting elements is available for the creation of the various types of schemes at water supply pipeline nodes. The elements can be used also for schemes for other types of networks.

Elements are easily filtered by the type and dimension and the assembly process is extremely easy. The user can also insert the elements list directly beside the scheme itself, where it will get automatically updated with every change that is done to that particular scheme.

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