We are specialized in developing spatial solutions based on Oracle Spatial and Autodesk technologies.

Examples of our work:

1. City of Sarajevo - Cadastral of city infrastructure

Key Features:

  • Editing of Oracle geometry inside AutoCAD
  • Long transactions
  • Multi user editing
  • History of data - View how data looked in some point in time
  • Connectivity

Success story: City of Sarajevo.pdf

Flash Movie: View demonstration City of Sarajevo

2. Oracle Topology in Autodesk MAP/CAD

We developed module for Autodesk MAP/AutoCAD for reading and writing Oracle Topology.
Support for querying topology primitives and topology features.
Easy editing of features as well as primitives using standard AutoCAD commands for drawing points, lines and polygons.
Almost all Oracle Topology functions can be run trough nice interface in AutoCAD.
API for further application development.
Easy way to learn and test Oracle Topology.

3. FDO Oracle provider

We are developing native FDO provider for Oracle.
Aim is to build FDO provider which will support Oracle Locator/Spatial and it will be designed just for Oracle.
It is optimized for Oracle Spatial. Works with Oracle 9i, 10G, XE.

If you are interested in provider ( testing, comments, development,...) please send email.