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Fdo2Fdo is a FDO client application. It is made of two parts one is a FDO API library for copy FDO features and another is windows application for GUI.

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It is a self contained application with: Fdo2Fdo library, windows GUI interface, FDO interface, OsGeo.SHP, OsGeo.SDF, King.Oracle, Oracle instant client and Microsoft msvc redistributables.

Tested with read/write SDF, SHP and Oracle XE, 10G, 9i.


Version 0.7.8 Release - Oct 2013

Fdo2Fdo ( 87 MB win32 and x64 )

Version 0.7.7 Release

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Version 0.7.6 Release

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Version 0.7.5 Release

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Version 0.7.4 Release

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Version 0.7.3 Release

- Included latest version of King.Oracle v0.6.4 and King.MsSqlSpatial v0.1.2
- Extend support for data truncation INT 32 to INT 16 etc..
- Errror reporting when not able to convert data types

- Known issue in this release - when copying to Oracle, Fdo2Fdo will report 'Unable to find destination Class'
   Reason is because King.Oracle provider v0.6.4 is caching FDO schema and will not read new tables added to Oracle
   Solution is to use previous version of King.Oracle provider or after starting copy process once to close Fdo2Fdo and then start      again.

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )


Version 0.7.2 Release

- New King.MsSqlSpatial FDO provider for SQL Server
- Added support for class name changes when copying GIS data to Ms SQL Server

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )


Version 0.7.1 Release

- New Express Copy Tools
- New Copy Task
- New Schema Manager
- New F2Fcmd  command line

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Version 0.6.2 Release

- Display FDO Class Definition details
- Query FDO data and display query results
- Create and Manage KingFdoClass table
- Support for setting Filter when copying data

Fdo2Fdo ( 34 MB )

Skipped Version 0.5

Version 0.4.1

- Support for FDO 3.2

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.3.1

- Support for Data Types conversion.
  Fdo2Fdo will check which data types provider supports and if some type are not supported it will try to find suitable data type which is supported.
  For example: If Int16 is not supported but Int32 is then data type will be changed to Int32
  or single is not supported but double is than it will use double etc.
- Easier Copy To SHP with new dialog
- User experience enhancements (resizable dialogs, easier work with connections)
- Issue fixed: calculating Maximum Extent of Geometries for Oracle

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.2.3

- Added browse for folder for SHP provider
- Copy To Oracle separate Dialog

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.2.2

- Multiple Classes Copy, Copy to SDF, Oracle Toolbox

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.1.3

- Copy to SDF,SHP Issue fixes.

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.1.2

- Create SDF file

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

Version 0.1.1

Fdo2Fdo (size 36 MB)

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