DEEO NT in JP EP BiH - Public Electric Utility

Technical database with spatial and network topology

JP EP BiH is responsible for electricity distribution to over 750.000 customers and has around 37.000 km of distribution lines. EP BiH used to have different CAD/GIS systems and separate technical database. Some parts of network were digitized but there was no central database, lot of data was still on paper or mainly in dwg's. They wanted to implement central technical database with spatial and network topology. They choose our GeoSX based solution named DEEO NT.

Hundreds of users edits distribution network, with confidence

In JP EP BiH there was already many users experienced in using CAD and there was lot of data in dwg. Using DEEO NT there were able to immediately start editing their network. While editing network DEEO NT transparently checks network for spatial topology and connectivity. User immediately gets feedback (e.g. gray line for none and red color for connected lines) for their edits. In around one year, there were able to create reliable technical database with spatial and network topology with connectivity outside and inside power stations.

Power trace, Network Schematics, In-station schematics

DEEO NT allows users to trace power, e.g. to get which meters will be disconnected in case of disruption. For each point in network they can check trough which network lines is connected to higher stations. For any part of network, schematics can be created on the fly, and it takes current state of switches and other network elements. In-station schematics are also created on request with latest data.

SAP, MDM, CRM, Web GIS portal

DEEO NT web services are used by other IT systems to read technical data from network. Web portal allows searching, viewing, reporting and editing of selected data.



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